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Development Team Collaboration with Azure DevOps Services

This course is currently not scheduled on the open calendar, but can be organized on request.

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1 day(s)


Developer, DevOps-profile, Release Manager and anyone who is involved into application development and delivery.


Training “Essential Team Collaboration with Azure DevOps Services” To complete specific technical labs, basic knowledge of .NET is advised. Network connectivity is required. A sample Azure DevOps Services Organisation will be provided by Realdolmen.


In this technical training you will learn about using Azure DevOps Services to manage the application development lifecycle. Uniting the different roles in an organisation (developer / tester / scrum master / architect / …) to improve the efficiency and code quality of delivered software products.


Class training alternated with exercises.


Azure DevOps Services Introduction

What is Azure DevOps? Who is it for? How is this product aligned with "DevOps Principals"? You will be able to understand the positioning of this product. You will be able to create and manage an Azure DevOps Services Organization.

  • Software positioning
  • "DevOps principals”
  • Cloud-first model
  • Enterprise Ready
  • Azure DevOps Services Organization
  • LAB : Create and manage an Azure DevOps Services Organization

Azure Repos : Source Control Service

Azure Repos offers two Source Control Systems : Git & TFVC

You will be able to understand the main differences between a Distributed Source Control (Git) and a Centralized Source Control (TFVC). You will be able to use TFVC and Git for storing your source code. You will be able to understand and use basic Git commands to view code history, use Branching / Merging and Pull Requests. You will be able to use some advanced features to enforce governance within an organisation.

  • What is offered?
  • Vision on TFVC
  • Distributed versus Centralized Source Control
  • Git terminology
  • Enforce branch naming convention
  • Introduction of branch policies
  • LAB 1: Exercise on GIT fundamentals
  • LAB 2: Enforce branch naming conventions

Azure Pipelines : Build and Release Service

To build quality software, following Continuous Integration practices is long regarded as a best practice. Azure Pipelines makes building and deploying applications very intuitive. You will be able to configure a build and how to integrate into a Continuous Integration environment. You will be able to version control the pipelines, how to deploy applications to infrastructure. At the end, you will be able to provide Pipeline templates to your organisation.

  • What is offered?
  • Adapt Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery
  • Key Concepts
  • Approvals & Quality Gates
  • Setting up your own build server
  • Version Control Pipelines via YAML
  • LAB 1: Exercise on YAML fundamentals
  • LAB 2: Integrate SonarQube analysis in pipeline
  • LAB 3: Compose templates

Azure Artifacts : Package Management Service

Azure Artifacts allows teams to share packages of multiple types (Maven, npm, NuGet,...) from public and private sources You will be able to create and manage Feeds. You will be able to integrate package sharing into your CI/CD pipeline. You will be able to use Azure Artifacts Symbol Server.

  • What is offered?
  • Key Concepts
  • What are the advantages?
  • LAB 1: Exercise on Azure Artifacts fundamentals
  • LAB 2: Push Custom .NET package and use symbol Server