Education Evaluation Form

Realdolmen would like to ask you to fill in this form on behalf of your organization in order to allow them to evaluate the quality of the training and schedule any new sessions.
The evaluation forms will first be reviewed by the Realdolmen trainer and, if necessary, supplemented with accompanying remarks, before being handed over to your organization. The processing of this personal data is permitted because it is necessary to protect the legitimate interests of your organization in order to guarantee its employees high-quality training. Realdolmen will not store the personal data for any longer than is strictly necessary for the above purposes for which your details were collected.
We will keep this data for 10 years as it constitutes proof of training.
You have the right to view your saved evaluation form (if you suspect it contains incorrect information, for example), correct it, have it deleted (if the maximum storage period is exceeded, for example) or have it transferred if you wish to keep it yourself. In addition, you can request that the use of your data be limited or object to the use of your data. For these requests, please contact your organization's data protection officer.
(For private participants: contact the Realdolmen data protection officer via the online form "Request from Data Subject")
Legislation and technologies relating to the Internet are changing rapidly. Realdolmen therefore reserves the right to amend this Privacy Statement and this Privacy Policy at any time. This is version RD-EEN-27-01-2020, valid in Dutch, French and English from January 27, 2020 to the next version's date.